More About Us

In a Music Together® Online class, we spend about 30-35 minutes with families (grownups AND their children)—playing our shakers, bouncing on laps, marching & drumming, and so much more—all while the children are doing the marvelous work of teaching themselves through developmentally-appropriate play. We help you make DIY instruments at home—"drums," shakers, "scarves," "rhythm sticks"—and we show you how to use the stuff you find at home to make music (and make your days more joyful while supporting incredible brain and body development in your children). Like always, the adults make music the grownup way while the children play the child way—and everyone has a ton of fun. Even at home, high-energy movers and quiet observers are all equally involved in their own way as we make music. We respect individual temperaments and learning styles, even at a distance! More than ever, Music Together Online classes provide a true family music experience, as older siblings are right there at home, along with moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or caregivers.

A little history: Music Together was developed and piloted right here in Essex County (at the Montclair Cooperative School) and first offered to the public in Princeton, NJ, almost 30 years ago. Our curriculum, recordings, and publications have won awards and are recognized as the "gold standard" of early childhood music education around the world. So much more more than "Mommy & Me" classes, Music Together provides a true family music experience, as siblings can attend the "Mixed Age" classes together. We also offer "Babies Only" classes specially designed for infants from birth through eight months, which give not only rich musical experiences for babies' developing brains but also invaluable information for the babies' parents/caregivers about music development and child development. Perhaps most importantly, we make sure that the adults have as much fun as the children, all while doing the very important work of ensuring that each child develops into the music-maker she or he was born to be.

Here's our program in a nutshell: Music Together is a research-based, developmentally-appropriate, play-based music learning curriculum for families with children from birth through age seven. We're based on hard science, but we're ALL about having fun! As part of each family's tuition, you get a full collection of rich music (both digital and on CD), a fully-illustrated songbook, and a parent guide about how to support music development in young children.

Additional details:

  • All children are born with the raw materials to be musical, and our family music and movement classes give them everything they need to blossom into the music makers they were born to become! Based on cutting edge research on early childhood music development and educational practices, our classes are developmentally-appropriate and filled with the playful exploration and experimentation children need to learn and grow. Just as important, the adults have fun, too! For babies, toddlers, preschoolers and the grownups who love them.
  • All of our instructors are lifelong musicians and have undergone rigorous training in early childhood music development, developmentally appropriate teaching practices, and music education philosophy and techniques in order to be certified to teach Music Together. 
  • Our classes are meticulously designed to support the healthy development of every child's inborn music aptitude. Our lesson plan format is carefully structured to offer multiple access points for a variety of learning styles, to scaffold and reinforce the development of music behaviors as they emerge, and to educate parents/adults about children's music development, as well. And, in the midst of all this learning and best practices, we have a ton of fun! There are between six and twelve children in each Music Together class.
  • Aside from the Babies-Only (0-8 months) and Rhythm Kids (4-8 years) classes, our classes are mixed-age classes—in alignment with the large body of research that shows this is the optimal learning environment for young children (and allows children of different ages in a single family to be educated together).