Instrument Buying Guide

Here's a "what to get and where to get it" list for families looking to purchase their own instruments. Honestly, DIY shakers, sticks, and scarves work perfectly fine, but there's something special about having a "real" egg shaker or drum!
Easiest option: You can buy an instrument "starter set" essentially at cost from (It comes with its own bag!)
Or, you can often find options on Amazon, such as:
EGG SHAKERS (be careful to only buy high-quality shakers; cheap ones open up too easily!)
MOVEMENT SCARVES (these are the ones we use, also available from; cheaper scarves might not be color-fast)
Honestly, DIY drums are just as good for little ones, BUT if you're going to get a drum, I highly recommend going with Remo Kids for quality and durability -- and they are actually real drums that can be used at all ages, even for drumming lessons when children get older. Here are a couple of examples: and are also good sources for instruments.