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What IS Music Together ONLINE?
Starting April 1st, we're taking our family music classes online (till we can be back with you in person again!). Take a look!

Here's a sneak peek:

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Here's the MT Online classes page!

But...what is it? Everything seems to have changed so fast, and we thought we'd have to wait till the Summer to make music with you. But, now we are thrilled to be able to offer Music Together's new "MT Online" program! Families enrolled in this special 8-week semester will receive:

  • New music: MARACAS collection digital music codes and songbook PDFs;
  • 2 mini-class videos per week (starting with Hello, ending with Goodbye, with songs and acitivities in between to teach you new songs and give you some FUN time with your children);
  • 3 video "singles" per week (shorter videos with one or two songs, for those times when you need "just a little time");
  • 3 LIVE events over the course of the semester, featuring 3 or 4 teachers at a time, keeping our larger community going.
  • Special printables, DIY videos, videos from Music Together around the world, and more;
  • Note: These videos and content will not expire from week to week, so you can revisit everything over and over!

Weekly content starts on April 1st, and each new week's videos (and more!) will "drop" each consecutive Wednesday morning. Your MT Online program content will be available 24/7 on a special password-protected webpage.


All Families are Welcome Here!